"I feel even more strongly than ever that smart, beautiful work rooted in design that is being created outside the scope of traditional advertising briefs by small, smart agencies is work that resonates with people and needs to be at the forefront. All of us have been bombarded with traditional ads for our entire lifetime. We’ve lost perspective. It’s time to shake things upside down now more than ever. What would it feel like to experience something that deeply touches us because of its ingenuity, beauty, intelligence—that is catered just for us and not just thrown down our throats because of a media plan?

I’m still waiting for companies and brands to get much less tentative, to feel truly emboldened, and to experiment and push the boundaries of what’s possible knowing that that is the only way anything will evolve; to tear things apart and regrow into something new.

Almost all of the senior brand people I talk to all the time know that they should be getting more from their agencies, but they don’t know how to find it, or can’t quite put their finger on what they need. I believe that media (and our addiction to certain social feeds) keeps dumbing people down. How can we (everyone reading this) help elevate and create new possibilities?" - Kat Egan for FWA.com